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Sleep Warm and Cozy with a Chill Frill Pillowcase ®

The Chill Frill is a unique pillowcase designed to fit any size bed pillow for your Home, RV and Camping needs. The Chill Frill pillowcase ® is made of high-quality cotton flannel that provides a warm, comfy feeling around your head, neck and face. It features a specially designed flap which can be positioned for warmth, or to block out light, and can be a real aid to restful sleep. The Frill - a sleep remedy for the chill.

USA made pillowcase from Chill Frill

The patented Chill Frill Pillowcase ®, which is made in the USA, allows you to sleep warmer and cozier than ever before!

Start now to take advantage of all the benefits that a Chill Frill pillowcase has to offer and enjoy a peaceful sleep that will help to keep the noise down and the light out!!!

Controls Temperature

On chilly nights, the Chill Frill acts as a lightweight blanket to keep your head and neck warm. You can control the amount of warmth it provides by arranging the Frill loosely around your head and neck or wrapping it tighter for a closer, more secure feeling. The Chill Frill can truly be adjusted to provide just the right amount of warmth for you. In other words, the Chill Frill fills the bill! (see

Conserves Energy

With the addition of a Chill Frill Pillowcase ®, you may be able to sleep in a cooler room. Set your thermostat lower and conserve on your heating bills while you snuggle under your Chill Frill. What could be better than getting a great sleep and saving money too!

Provides an Alternative to Sleeping Pills

Keep your head warm all night longThe Chill Frill has the potential to provide a drug-free good night's sleep. Although we have to warn you that the Frill may become addictive.

Offers a Benefit for Migraine and Sinus Sufferers

We make no medical claims for this product. However, some users with migraine headaches have reported relief sooner when using the Chill Frill. Sinus Sufferers have also claimed satisfaction when using the Chill Frill. If your head must be stuffy, you might as well feel cozy.

Feels Soft and Lightweight

The Chill Frill is made of 100% cotton, double-napped flannel and fits all standard sized bed pillows, full or king. It is machine washable and dry able so no special handling is required. The Chill Frill maintains its quality even after many washings when the Care Instructions are followed. Enjoy the soft comfy feeling around your head, neck and face! (see Care
Instructions )

Acts as a Light Barrier

If you find it difficult to fall asleep because your room is not dark enough, the Frill can be positioned to shut out the light. This benefit makes the Chill Frill ideal for day-sleepers or nappers. Block out that light and snooze away!

Block out the Sun and sleep the day away

Angel Sleeping on a Cloud Isn't it worth a try to see if it can help you get a better night's sleep?

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