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"I no longer have to go under the covers to keep my head warm and then out of the covers to breathe. My wife thanks you, as I do."
Roy S., New London, New Hampshire

"I love my pillowcase and will never be without it. It is just great!"
Al B., USN Ret., Baltimore, Maryland

"Beginning the first night, I have never slept cozier. The Chill Frill made a remarkable difference in my comfort."
Bob L., Little Rock, Arkansas

"Now that I have it, I will never be without it!"
Randy H., Full-time RV'er

"One afternoon I got one of my migraine headaches so laid down with the Chill Frill. I couldn't believe that the migraine went away in less time than it usually takes. Thank you, thank you."
Carol E., Providence, Rhode Island

"I experienced less tossing and turning. Thank you."
Maryjane A., Chemo. patient, Windsor, California

"I noticed the benefits the very first night even though I have to admit that I was skeptical at first."
Joe G., Full Time RV'er

"It took me two nights to fully realize how wonderful this product is; however, I will never be without it now."
Wayne H., Inventor's Convention, Connecticut

"Not only did the pillowcase feel great, it blocked out the light and I was able to sleep a little longer."
Donna D., St. Louis, Missouri

"I thought it looked silly but it sure keeps my head warm and now it looks okay."
Billy H., 10 years old, Canton, Texas

"Sometimes I have to fight with my cat to find out which one of us will use it. So, I guess that I can say that we both love it!"
Joe H. (and Cleo), Vancouver, Canada

"I even take the pillowcase with me when I travel. On an airplane, I stuff it with one of the blankets provided and I am able to block out some noise and all the light."
Bill L., St. Paul, Minnesota

"This pillowcase is 3000% better than the flap on the sleeping bag! I roll it up inside the sleeping bag for storage and fill it with clothes when I bed down. Great idea for campers!"
Karl S., Seattle, Washington

"I think of the pillowcase as a little blanket for my head."
Paul S., San Diego, California

"Because it can be 100 degrees at bedtime here in the desert, I have to sleep with the air conditioning and the fan on. I sleep great but my husband's head gets cold so he uses the Chill Frill. Your advertisement suggests that this wonderful pillowcase is just for cold weather but we have found it is also great in hot weather!" Thanks! Jeanne D, Yuma, Arizona

"I bought two small travel-size Chill Frills for a couple traveling to Hong Kong and they reported back that they were so comfortable and well-rested that THEY are buying two for their friends. Not only did the Frill on the Cadet Blue pillowcases block out enough light, it also blocked out some noise. The biggest benefits were that they both fell asleep quickly, and stayed comfortable. And they were so happy that the travel-size Chill Frill came with a removable tag to remind them to take it off the airline pillow: if they hadn't clipped the tag on to their carryon, they might have forgotten the pillowcase. In addition to all of this, they could have sold them right there! Thank you so much for a gift which brought so much pleasure." Betty C, San Diego, California

"I can't nap without this wonderful pillowcase! Because it is so hot here during the day, I have to keep the air conditioning on which makes it a bit chilly for a nap. (Without the a/c. I roast so there isn't any alternative.) Anyway, I thank you for such a good idea and I know that I will use it during the night once the weather turns". Thank you again, Monica Z, Phoenix Arizona


Warm Comfortable sleep without counting sheep Sleeping Sheep has never been Better!

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